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Why Is Life Insurance Not a Top Priority for Low Income Families?

Janet Parker 5 Aug, 2018 24 comments Advertorial

Many people choose not to think about what lies ahead. On the whole, it's easier for us to stay focused on the present and seek immediate gratification than it is to plan for our family's future. However, in hindsight, postponing to make important life decisions can have far reaching implications that we rarely, if ever, come to thank ourselves for.

Life insurance is one of the best ways available to us to prepare for our family's future. Whether it's mortgage payments, debt relief or funding your child's college education, it's an easy call to make, even more so when you factor in the low cost of monthly payments.

In recent years, monthly payments for life insurance have dropped significantly and while once thought of as a luxury for the well off, plans now exist that are well withing anyone's reach. This is great news for low income families who may have previously opted not to take out an insurance plan due to high premiums. With many different plans recently come to market, and with competively priced plans for minimum wage earners, it's highly recommended that families without a plan in place get a quote to calculate the cost of your monthly payments.

We recommend QuoteSearch as the site where you can find the cheapest life insurance quote. It's super easy to navigate and features quotes from the UK's leading providers, giving you peace of mind that your family's future is in safe hands. You can find life insurance quotes from an eye-opening rate of just 17 pence per day and it's as simple as filling at one easy form in your lunch hour or spare time.

Best of all, their services are absolutely free, at no cost at all to youself and they can put you in touch with a broker who will be able to recommend the best plan for your individual circumstances.

The simple to use free service from QuoteSearch makes life insurance inexpensive and affordable for people in all walks of life. Plus, with policies starting from just £5 per month, it's the platform of choice for thousands of UK families.

We tried it out for ourselves and found the process to be quick and easy, and in addidion, the tips on how to save money on the site are also worth their weight in gold.

We found it to be the best platform of its kind and with a large number of high profile top UK providers to choose from, it's the perfect way to save money.

There's even the option to choose from mortgage protection insurance and critical illness cover, so you don't have to worry about missing payments should you ever find yourself out of work through no fault of your own.

There's nothing to lose by registering online, so to see how much you can save click here to get your FREE quote and start living your life in complete confidence today.

"I was amazed to see just how much I could save on my monthly payments and at a cost which didn't mean having to stop enjoying the good things in life. I feel secure in the knowledge that my family's wellbeing and my daughter's future college fund is in safe hands." - Phil, Maidstone

How Much Will it Cost?

With plans from just 17 pence per day, life insurance could cost much less than you think. Follow the steps below to see how you can save money now.

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2) Visit Quotesearch to compare quotes from top UK insurance providers

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  • Carolyn Whaley

    25 July, 2018

    I wish I had found out about this earlier! I had no idea how simple it is to use, and I have now have peace of mind for the whole family.

  • Michael Simms

    25 July, 2018

    I thought the quality of insurance quotes to choose from was top notch and also provides great cover for illness so I don't have to worry about losing pay in my line of work if I get sick.

    • Marcus Lee

      25 July, 2018

      As a contractor myself it's comforting to know that if I can't provide for my family through no fault of my own that my mortgage payments will still be paid on time.

  • Patricia Dorset

    25 July, 2018

    As a single mum I worry about what would happen to my children should anything happen to me. Now at least I can have peace of mind over both of their futures.

  • Pete Glensdale

    25 July, 2018

    I managed to save over 30% of my monthly payments with just one phone call. I couldn't be happier with the service.